Well, today Thor learned how to undo the velcro strip that holds his inflatable collar on tight, even AFTER putting him in his smaller kennel...that little bugger. It's a good thing it's connected to his regular collar though so he wasn't able to get it completely off and devour it.

After work we went for a short walk around the block just to get him out of the house. At first, he was a little hesitant; almost as if he thought I was taking him to the hospital again. Then again that was the last time he wore his Gentle Leader and had been outside [with the exception of the backyard]. For the most part he did pretty well, occasionally pulling me and walking into my feet.

I can't wait to get him back in training classes and I know he misses his friends. Since we got home from the walk he's been a ball of energy-running around in circles outside and chasing his tennis ball around the house. He keeps bringing me toys so I will play with him too.

Tomorrow is his follow up appt with the vet; hopefully it will be the last day for the inflatable collar. YES!


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