Email from Samantha:
Today we went back to the vet for our second attempt at aspirating Thor's toe. About an hour prior to leaving I gave him some left over Teamadol and Aceopromazine [pain killer/sedative] from his surgery to help sedate him for the procedure And to avoid paying for sedation/hospitalization at the vet's office. I wasn't sure if the meds were going to work or keep him calm enough but it was worth a shot.

I could tell the meds were kicking in when Thor stumbled down the stairs. Poor guy. The vet was able to aspirate his toe and get a sample off to the pathologist; we should be getting the results back mid-week.

The doctor also said that histiocytomas [red, hairless benign tumors] are common in younger dogs and can eventually regress on their own. In some instances they can/need to be surgically removed, but they are common and easy to treat if they are monitored and kept clean. Hopefully that is what the test results come back as, if they don't come back as a bug bite allergy. Until then he'll be on antibiotics and I'll be keeping a watchful eye.

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