Follow-Up Appt - All For Samantha And Thor
Heading to the doctor for our follow-up appointment!
Today we went to our follow up appointment with the vet to see how Thor's incision was healing. On our way in we were stopped by a lot of people who were curious to hear about Thor's story and why he had an inflatable tube around his neck. Everyone was amazed when I showed them which toy he had swallowed and gave us their best wishes for a speedy recovery. They couldn't get over how handsome my boy is :)

He weighed in at 47.6 lbs which is .6 lbs heavier than what he weighed the first night we took him to the EAC.  Which puts into perspective how much he'd lost during the days prior his return home from the hospital. He's got the appetite of a growing boy so he's starting to fill out again and his ribs are becoming less noticeable.

The nurse took his temperature, checked his gums, and listened to his heartbeat and everything checked out normal. The doctor came in after that and confirmed that despite the silly inner-tube around his neck, he was a really healthy boy. She checked the incision and said it was healing extremely well and that he should be able to keep the tube off his neck while were at home, only wearing it to bed and when I'm away at work to prevent him from licking the forming scabs. If he starts licking with it off, it has to go back on again.

She said it would be a couple weeks before Thor can get back into any extensive exercise routine or roughhouse with his friends. In the next 6-8 months he should be COMPLETELY healed/back to "normal".  Until then he can still play but he has to take it easy. After we got home, I took his tube off and he went crazy with excitement!

Waiting patiently for the doctor.
Feeling his stomach, checking for tender spots to see if he's in any pain or discomfort.
Carissa Jarvis
1/12/2011 04:33:04

Yay! No more inner-tube! I'm going to need to come over and visit him.


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